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Hello coffee lovers!

I’m passionate about great coffee and want everyone to enjoy the finest coffee blends at their own convenience. Whether you like your coffee Mild, Strong, Super Strong, at home, work or on the go, it should hit the spot every time. My crafted blends are the best you’ll find – trust me I’ve tasted a few! Coffee the way it should be.


Let me take you on a smooth, subtly sweet flavour journey.

Made only from quality South American and Ethiopian Arabica beans, Mild Mr. Barista offers a fruity-citrus profile with an intense but smooth taste with hints of almond and hazelnut cream. Ideal as an espresso or café latte, this lightly roasted blend is delicious, perfect for a little pick-me-up.


Let me introduce you to my strong and rich coffee.

This superb blend is full in body thanks to its perfectly blended Arabica and Robusta beans offering hints of cocoa and cereal along with a delicious crema. Excellent as a milk-based beverage or as a strong espresso, this is one of my favorite blends as its smooth-richness is delicious. You’ll never need another coffee!

super strong

Let me show you an intense coffee!

Full in body offering hints of cocoa, dark chocolate, mild wood, this blend is crafted using quality Arabica and Robusta beansto create an extra strong profile for that punchy pick-me-up. Excellent as a milk-based beverage or as a robust espresso, this powerful dark roast is for the true coffee lovers, not for the faint-hearted.

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